Dan M Tran, EA/President

Mr. Dan Tran holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and minor in Mathematics at California State University of Fullerton, studying Master classes in Accounting & Taxation at CSUF and UTA.  Mr. Dan Tran holds many different credentials and licenses such as: Enrolled Agent, Texas Property casualty, life, health insurance, and financial service 6 and 63.

Mr. Dan Tran has diverse experience by working for many different corporations and holding many different positions; last post was with Big 5 companies as Sr. Project Manager.  He earned his accounting and tax knowledge through:

  • International Information Inc (III) in Culver City, CA to computerize its accounting department and to automate MRP (Manufacture Resource Planning)
  • Coffman System, Inc to assist in developing EDG, which is CRM system
  • McDonald Douglas to co-develop MRP II (second generation of Manufacture Resource Planning)
  • Aetna – Healthcare claims processing system
  • Insurdata in Irving TX – Improve system resources to automate data entry by developing OCR (Optical Characters Recognition) system
  • Akili Consulting
  • Arthur Andersen, Dallas TX – Business consulting in PAD (Platform/Procedure Architecture Design)

In 1990, Mr. Dan Tran started his own business, Computer & Income Tax (C&IT); associated with Farmers Insurance and Farmers Financial Solution LLC, and then in 2001, he sold his insurance business to focus on accounting, payroll and tax services; C&IT became AllTax LLC, in Arlington, Texas.  At AllTax, Dan and his employees offer business analysis and consulting expertise, including payroll, bookkeeping and tax services, to small business and individual clients.

Outside of work, Dan belongs to several different organizations that he joined not only to give back to his community, but to the world:

  • He was president/co-founder of the National Organization of Vietnamese-American Leadership in Dallas Fort Worth (NOVAL-DFW) for several years, and helped bring the organization to the Dallas area by co-founding a DFW chapter. This organization of leaders, business owners and professionals strive to build sustainable leadership in the Vietnamese-American community.
  • Dan had joined an advocacy group to advocate for human rights for Vietnamese Americans in the United States and Vietnam. The group leads Vietnam Advocacy Day every year, bringing hundreds of Vietnamese leaders and advocates to D.C. to talk to Members of Congress and leaders in the State Department about the need for human rights and democratic changes in Vietnam.
  • In 2016, Dan and his wife joined a dental mission trip to Svay Pak in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Dan says the poverty in the area “hit me and my wife straight into our hearts.” With the help of a  United Nation Officer, he and his wife worked with a Vietnamese pastor to rebuild his church and build a school for students.  He has also visited Bangkok to help Vietnamese refugees, organizing a group called Refugee Youth in Bangkok (RYB) and teaching Vietnamese refugee children to use computers so that they could operate a call center in the area.
  • After coming back from Cambodia and Thailand, Dan formed the ACF Foundation (www.acffoundation.org), which assists asylums and refugees in South East Asia in four different areas: shelters, food, healthcare and vocational education.

In addition to his work on the national and global stage, Dan enjoys making a difference in the lives of his clients. “I feel so good when I convince new clients to do the right thing when it comes to tax and accounting.”  One of his favorite things about being an accountant and advisor is encouraging his clients to do the ethical thing, even when it may end up costing them a bit more money.

Helen Hoang, CPA/VP

Ms. Helen is a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) who also holds a Master’s degree in Accounting and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Science. She has 12 years of accounting experience in the aerospace industry where she served as a controller at Prime Turbines for 4 out of those 12 years.

While at Prime Turbines, she had the opportunity to work hands-on on many major projects. Some of these projects are:

  • Engage an IRS audit which resulted in saving the company millions of dollars
  • Participated in several mergers and acquisitions
  • Participated in the change from privately owned to publicly own through an acquisition which resulted in accounting regulation changes
  • Implementing internal control to be in compliance with the SEC accounting standard
  • Leading the annual audit to support external auditors
  • Cash management to ensure the company is in compliance with the loan covenant

After leaving corporate America in early 2018, Helen found JNH Consulting Services LLC, an accounting firm in Fort Worth TX; she dedicated her time to helping small business owners to understand their company’s financial aspects such as reading and understanding their financial statements, budgeting, cash flow, tax planning, and tax preparation.

For the last 3 years, she helped many start-up businesses with accounting and tax such as forming a business, paying employees, keeping up with financial statements and filing taxes.

Growing up in a family with several small businesses, she experienced the hardship of understanding tax laws and regulations. When struggling to help run the family business Helen studied hard to find ways to make the businesses more profitable while still in compliance with the laws and regulations. Now with so much knowledge and experience, she wants to help small business owners do what they do best and have peace of mind while she helps them to stay in compliance.

Outside of work, Helen dedicated a lot of her time to her church and teaching children the “Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement” (VEYM) organization. The purpose of VEYM is to provide a safe and fun environment for children and young adults to learn about God and to help strengthen their faith. Growing up with so many role models in VEYM, Helen felt this is one of the best ways to give back to the community since children are the future.

Jenni Hoang, BM&A/Accounting Manager

Miss Jenni is currently the Accounting Manager of AllTax Associates LLC. Jenni holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Accounting. With her extensive skill set in business operations, Jenni helped implement many processes and procedures for prior employers such as Fry’s Electronics, Hawaiian Falls and TCU to streamline their day-to-day operations.

For nine years, Jenni was the operations manager at Fry’s Electronics where she ran every day operations in the Electronic Components Department. As a department manager, Jenni is directly in charge of over 30 employees in her department, her sales quota, and her inventory. After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree, Jenni went to work for Hawaiian Falls Waterparks where she does full cycle accounting, from AP, to AR, to financial reporting. For a short time at TCU, she helped improved the over processes and procedures in the accounting department. Now at AllTax Associates, Jenni is also working towards her Enrolled Agent certification to provide better support to her peers and clients.